Welcome to our brand new website for the Wilton Eco Store.

We are based in the beautiful countryside of Cornwall, a family-run business that aims to provide the very best service for our customers.

We have been working to put together a wide range of eco-friendly products, therefore looking after the living environment, animals, plants and of course, human beings. We want to keep our planet a safe and healthy place to be for as long as possible, protecting it for future generations, With this in mind we have focused our efforts on creating a selection of environmentally friendly products that will enable us to be a sustainable society.

From Bokashi composting accessories to help you to make your own nutrient high compost for your garden and organic cleaners that contain no harmful chemicals, to beekeeping booster sprays to help prevent diseases in the beehive and so much more, we have our eye firmly on the sustainability of the planet.

Take a look around our website to explore our collection of eco-friendly products. We will be adding to our carefully selected range over the coming months, so be sure to visit again soon for an update on products that can help you to do your part in looking after our environment.

Post By Kimberley Rodderick