Here at Wilton Eco Store we like to encourage our customers to be kind to bees and offer advice on how to create a safe and healthy environment for them to live in.

You may wonder why it is so important to look after bees in order to keep their population strong. We have taken a look at this question in some more detail, as well as putting together some easy tips that can help you to help them.

Why are bees important?

Bees provide an essential service for the environment, in the form of pollination. They help to maintain the ecosystem, offering biodiversity and balance. By pollinating food crops, bees keep us fed with healthy, natural produce. They also pollinate wild plants, which in turn helps other insects to feed. Crucially bees help in the pollination of trees, which is vital to our survival, as new trees help to clean the air that we breath.

If you see a high number of bees, although you perhaps may be afraid of them, this is a good sign for the state of the environment. We should certainly be more worried if there is a distinct lack of bee activity.  

Why are there fewer bees than before?

Bee populations suffer mainly at the hands of humans. We poison them where we use toxic pesticides, then we destroy the habitat where they live, causing a swift decline in their numbers.   

Climate change can also damage the bee population, as it can alter the seasons and therefore the timings of flowers in bloom, as well as nesting behaviours and breeding patterns.

How can we help bees to thrive?

It is not too late to help bees from becoming extinct. There are many things that we can all do to encourage them to flourish.

  • Fill your garden with flowers and plants. Scatter them around so there is plenty of variety.
  • Bees require shelter for nesting and hibernation, so make your own bee hotel and hang it in your garden.
  • Do not use any harmful pesticides in your garden, this will prevent the bees from becoming ill and dying.
  • If you see a bee on the ground who is alive but struggling, mix some water with sugar on a teaspoon and leave it close-by. This energy-drink will have them up and about in no time.

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Post By Kimberley Rodderick