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11th November 2022

Have been using this bran for years in our bucket composter. We layer vegetable and fruit waste covered with Bokashi until it’s full, do the same to another one. When the second one is full the first one is ready to empty and bury in the ground. The liquid that comes out of the tap goes down our drains, sinks, toilets and water butt.

Very efficient
13th September 2022

A wonderful organic way to help plants against invasion of aphids

13th September 2022

Great and prompt reply to my enquiries

Superb product!
09th September 2022

I feed this to my hens a couple of times a week to keep their gut flora healthy. Let them help themselves from the box for a few minutes then take it away. Results in firm droppings and much less odour. If I mix it with the layers pellets they make a terrible mess trying to just pick out the bran. Highly recommended!

Excellent service.
09th September 2022

Trouble free transaction. Arrived within a few days.

Great product!
08th September 2022

I feed this to my hens a couple of times a week. It settles their gut flora and as a result the droppings are much firmer and there is less odour. I let them help themselves from the box for a few minutes then take it away. If I put it in the food they spill it out everywhere by just picking out the bran!

Quick and happy to get it in the uk
05th September 2022

Thanks for response about the expiring date

The best
25th August 2022

These were the best price I could find in the UK and HUGE! I have distributed them along a stretch of river, will probably get another lot in the spring, one was popped into my allotment pond too!

Great delivery
24th August 2022

Easy to use site

19th July 2022

Great product for my two Thoroughbred horses. They look amazing and love the taste too. My youngster actually eats it straight out of my hands. Well packaged good delivery.

Great product
18th July 2022

Lovely to shop from you! The quality of the Bokashi Active bran is excellent and the delivery smooth and easy. Many thnx

05th July 2022

Very good product and fast delivery. Thank You

23rd June 2022

highly recommended , great products and service

lovely stuff
23rd June 2022

great consistency easy to use

powerful stuff
23rd June 2022

wonderful active product

Bran flakes.
20th June 2022

Well packaged. A little expensive.

11th June 2022

Been a pleasure with Wilton, love the products and great prices. Definitely recommend ?
Great Product
11th June 2022

Love this way of composting waste scraps. Highly recommend ?
07th June 2022

Great prompt service.

Excellent cleaner
07th June 2022

I’ve been using EMs for cleaning for a few years now. My husband was sceptical in the beginning about the cleaning power of EMs but is now a convert after using it on his car. I clean the whole house with it and even use it as an air freshener.

Mr Ross
Fast delivery
07th June 2022

The item I ordered came quickly. Thank you.

Mr Ross
Easy transaction
01st June 2022

Found what I needed and ordered easily. Delivery was fairly prompt and I got started with my home compost.

24th May 2022

Arrived quickly, very happy with product

Composting is easier now
06th May 2022

Great service! Second time buying Bokashi Buckets but this time for a present.

great service
03rd May 2022

thanks for quick delivery and great service

great service
03rd May 2022

thanks for fast delivery and great service

Great product
18th April 2022

Arrived promptly found the site informative with a good selection of products and really easy to navigate. Excellent service I will definitely order from this company again.