We all know that it is important to cut out as much plastic from our lives as possible, in an attempt to protect our planet from a material that will not degrade. 

It can be hard to put this into practice, as life is busy and alternatives are often more expensive to buy. However, there are small changes that we can all make to ensure we are purchasing less plastics, in ways that can actually save us money in the long-run by utilising reusable solutions. Here are just some ideas to help you to start going plastic free.

  • Pack lunches in a reusable container rather than a plastic bag
  • Take reusable cutlery with you for lunch
  • Use tote bags when you go shopping
  • Carry drinks in a reusable water bottle
  • Try a bar of soap instead of shower gels in plastic bottles
  • Don’t buy frozen meals that are stored in plastic packaging
  • Shop at stores that offer refillable juice and milk in your existing glass bottles
  • Take a reusable cup to coffee shops
  • Use compostable bin liners
  • Pack your fruit and vegetables in paper bags rather than the plastic bags provided
  • Look for eco-friendly cleaning products as these will have recyclable packaging and the product will be designed to naturally biodegrade
  • Buy unwrapped produce from the supermarkets so that there is no packaging
  • If you have to buy products in packaging, go for those stored in cardboard which can be recycled
  • When buying personal hygiene products, go for those which do not have plastic microbeads
  • Buy loose toilet paper, not the ones packaged in plastic
  • Use glass jars and stainless steel containers to store food in the kitchen and fridge
  • Avoid cling film by using natural beeswax cloths to cover your food
  • Try to repair broken items wherever you can rather than buy new ones
  • Use refillable pens that you can them use over and over again
  • Try a natural cat litter that is flushable or compostable

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Post By Kimberley Rodderick