Traditional cosmetics contain a variety of ingredients that are unnatural, such as artificial perfumes, preservatives, silicones, synthetic polymers and mineral oils. You may not notice, but these ingredients are not always good for your health and are certainly not great for the environment. 

Here are 5 important reasons why you should choose environmentally friendly cosmetics wherever you can. 

They protect the environment

Beauty products that are synthetic and made with chemicals can contaminate the air and water around us. It can harm the ecosystem and often uses ingredients that are grown with the help of pesticides and fertilisers. Organic products can drastically reduce any damage caused, helping to promote biodiversity. 

Better for your health

Using cosmetics that are made with only natural ingredients is certainly better for your health. Substances such as parabens are often used to extend the shelf-life of beauty products, which can also make them more harmful. Traditional cosmetics also have links to illnesses such as cancer, so it is best to play it safe and be as natural as possible.

More nourishing for the skin and hair

Eco-friendly cosmetics are free of synthetic ingredients, meaning that they will not strip away the natural oils from the skin and hair. It will make them healthier, with natural properties that are rich in antioxidants and which are anti-aging.

They cost the same

As brands realise the importance of making eco-friendly products and find that customers are more in demand of them, they have started to create cosmetics that are more easily affordable. 

Gentler on sensitive skin

Eco-friendly cosmetics can more easily adapt to all skin types, due to few preservatives and synthetic perfumes. This makes them more hypoallergenic, so less likely to cause problems.

Post By Kimberley Rodderick