The New Year usually brings with it a new motivation to improve the way that we live. This can often involve us trying to live in a more eco-friendly way, making small improvements that will benefit both us and the planet.

We have put together 5 easy ways that you can make a difference to the planet, by implementing some simple  changes in your kitchen. If we all followed through with just a few of these ideas, the environment would really thank us.

Use Eco-Friendly Food Coverings

Covering food is essential in our kitchens, helping it to last longer and reducing the risk of contamination from bacteria. This can mean that we use a great deal of food coverings that are bad for the environment.

With many items in our range made from recycled materials, with the ability to be recycled again, our food covering products use less energy in the manufacturing stages and have a smaller carbon footprint. With products such as tin foil and cling film in the range, our kitchen essentials are designed to be high performing and strong, as well as the most environmentally friendly choice to use on a daily basis. 

Try Eco-Friendly Bin Liners

The kitchen bin is a constant source of waste, which is routinely emptied only to end up in landfill. Our range of eco-friendly bin liners are 100% biodegradable and compostable, which will mean that over time there will be no evidence of them left.

Available in a choice of different sized rolls, these compostable waste bin liner bags contain no harmful microplastics or residue plastics. They feature easy to tie handles and are incredibly strong, ensuring there will be no spillage or mess.

Recycle and Compost More

Spending a little more time sorting and separating your rubbish can make a real difference, as you may find that you are able to put more into your compost bin and more into your recycling bin. 

Sometimes you may need to read your packaging a little more carefully as it should tell you whether or not it is recyclable, whereas previously you may have assumed it is not and just thrown it away. Many companies are now working towards recyclable and compostable goods, so you should find that you are throwing away much less over time.

Use Glass Containers to Store Food

Don’t throw away glass containers; simply wash them and reuse them for storage. You can also purchase some stylish glass jars and containers that will look great in your kitchen.

This way of storing food and ingredients can reduce the waste that comes with packaging or packing bags, as you can buy many things loose from the supermarket in order to store yourself. 

Invest in Energy Efficient Appliances

Every so often we need to replace our kitchen appliances, so that will be the perfect time to invest in one that is more energy efficient. Looking at the energy rating will help you to choose an appliance that will use less energy, which will in turn also save you money.

As well as a good energy rating, your appliance may also feature quick cycles and water reducing programmes that will help to reduce the length of time you use it, therefore saving on electricity and gas that can damage the environment. 

Post By Kimberley Rodderick