Cleaning our homes is an essential part of daily life and most of us will have a cupboard full of products for different rooms and various uses. 

It is important that we keep our homes as hygienically clean as possible in order to keep germs at bay, using products that will not be harmful to our families. With this in mind, we have taken a little look at why natural cleaning products are better than traditional ones and at what benefits they can offer our homes.

What is different about natural cleaning products?

One of the main differences between natural cleaning products and traditional ones, is that they do not contain any harsh chemicals. They are more likely to be non-toxic, gentle on furniture and surfaces, as well as kinder to our skin while we are using them.

Are natural cleaning products better for the environment?

Yes! Taking chemicals out of the equation means they will not be released into the atmosphere and reduces the risk of them being introduced into water sources when they are being poured away after use.

Are they cruelty free?

Most natural cleaning products will make a special effort to be cruelty free, by not testing them on animals. 

Will they be gentler on our skin?

Natural products will most certainly be better on the skin, when you are using them and when you touch those surfaces you have cleaned with it. They will be safer and more hypoallergenic, with no chemicals that can cause damage or irritation. Natural cleaning agents will also cause less problems if they should be accidentally swallowed, which would not be the case with traditional products.

Will natural products leave our home cleaner?

Natural cleaning products will work just as well as chemical based ones. They may even leave less streaks from wiping, as the formula is likely to be more soluble. You may also require fewer products overall, as natural designs usually have multiple uses, rather than a specific one in mind.

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Post By Kimberley Rodderick