The world is gradually becoming more environmentally aware, with businesses and homes pushing themselves to become more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Many are now working towards leading a zero waste lifestyle, where everything in their lives can be recycled or is made from recycled materials, which is fully traceable and can be easily replaced or regrown. The aim is to also have less waste leaving the home to go to landfill, which would otherwise have a negative impact on the planet.

So how can you begin to start leading a zero waste lifestyle in the home? We have put together 5 easy steps to get you on your way.

Recycle everything

Even when we have the best intentions, sometimes we throw things in the waste bin that really should have gone into the compost pile or recycling bin. Taking a little bit of extra care with what we dispose of can make a big difference, such as taking batteries to a store that has a recycling point,or  taking old reading glasses to an optician who advertises that they collect and recycle them. It may take a few extra moments to do some research, but the planet will really thank you for it. 

Buy sustainable clothing and linen

It used to be the case that you would have to search hard for sustainable clothing companies, but many large commercial brands have now finally seen the light and started to develop their own ranges at a more affordable price. Buying less and ensuring that what you do buy is made in an eco-friendly way can really make a difference. You could also buy second hand from charity shops to help reuse what already exists. 

Plan your meals carefully

We sometimes waste more food than we intend to, by forgetting to check use by dates and keeping the fridge organised. Planning meals more carefully can help to reduce food waste, ensuring that everything gets used in a timely manner. When you shop for food, try to choose items that have no packaging or at least use recyclable packaging, so that nothing will get sent to landfill. If you do have to throw away old food, make sure that you put it into your compost pile instead of the bin.

Go veggie

Eating less meat has been proven to help the planet, as it will result in less gases being released into the atmosphere, as well as less water and land being used to rear the animals. If you grow your own vegetables you will reduce pollution caused by driving to the shops, as well as ensuring that they have been ethically grown without chemicals. 

Use sustainable beauty and cleaning products

As with clothing, beauty companies have finally started to develop eco-friendly ranges that have less impact on the planet. Using sustainable ingredients and recyclable packaging, the products will work just as well as standard ones, but will have far less impact on the planet.

Post By Kimberley Rodderick