It is more common than ever to believe that natural is best, when it comes to food, cosmetics and anything that is linked to the welfare of our animals.

But how can natural products benefit a larger animal, such as a horse? We have taken a brief look at what your horse stands to gain from such products, followed by some of what Wilton Eco Store can offer you at an affordable price.

Benefits of natural horse products

  • Natural products are less likely to cause skin conditions and sensitivities
  • As many horse products aren’t regulated, you can be sure that natural ones are safe to use
  • They won’t have been tested on other animals
  • Natural products will smell nicer than artificially made ones
  • It will use minimal ingredients that are likely to be healthier
  • These products will be closer to what horses would have eaten or used in the wild
  • They will benefit from any naturally found vitamins and minerals

Our Equine selection includes products that are a must-have for horse owners who wish to take the very best care of their horse. 

With a range of products that will care for a horse's digestion, the stable surroundings and much more, you can tailor the environment to help improve general health and behaviour, in a completely natural and environmentally friendly way.

Syn-Vital EM What Bran Animal Feed Additive

This can be used to enhance the animals immune system naturally with naturally occurring Synbiotica which is a combination of prebiotics and probiotics. It will improve digestion from vitamin B and other substances, using good bacteria and fibres to stimulate the intestinal flora positively.

Himalaya Salt Lick Stone

Specially designed for horses who train intensively, this Himalayan Salt Lick allows your horse to absorb the extra sodium they need in the purest salt form. Containing a mass of minerals and trace elements from a natural source, your horse can absorb what they need easily.


Horses enjoy a nice environment, which is why Actiferm is a wonderful way to accelerate the fermentation process of the manure and diminish the smell of ammonia in the stable and box. 

Easy to use, spray at least weekly a minimum amount of 100mls Actiferm (EM-Activated ) per m2 on the layer of straw. The bedding, which is usually straw or sawdust, can be sprayed with Actiferm too, so that the material and any ammonia present are bound together and the sensitive airways of the animals are not irritated. In order to remove the smell thoroughly, Actiferm should be sprayed regularly. 

Bionit-S Feed Additive

A natural feed additive, Bionit -S is a clay rock with a high absorption capacity, rich in alkaline minerals and trace elements. This additive regulates feed conversion and improves the vitality and overall health of livestock. 

The basic elements of Bionit-S buffer protects the intestinal flora of the animal, allowing it to work undisturbed. The additive also binds harmful substances to it such as mycotoxins, ammonia and sulphur, helping to relieve the liver. Adding Bionit-S to feed daily can improve the absorption of nutrients and the consistency of droppings. A 70% natural source of silicon dioxide. Silicon is essential for the construction of cell walls, the structure of connective tissue, hair and horn growth and quality of hooves. 

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Post By Kimberley Rodderick