Most gardeners have to deal with slugs and snails at some point, attempting to protect their plants and vegetables from the nibbles and slime. 

There are many treatments on the market that can help you to tackle this pest problem, but if you’d prefer to handle them in a more natural way, then keep reading! We have found 5 natural ways to control slugs and snails that you might find to be quite effective.

Ground Coffee

If you are a regular coffee drinker then use the remains of your cuppa to deter slugs and snails by spreading it around your plants and vegetables. They supposedly find caffeine toxic, so this should act as a great deterrent. 

Copper Tape

Slugs and snails are unable to cross copper, so use copper tape to create rings around your plants and vegetables to keep the pest at bay.

Wheat/Corn Bran

Safe for other animals to eat, wheat and corn bran will cause slugs and snails to desiccate. Just be sure to replace the bran each time that it rains. 

Eggshells and Seashells

Crush these shells down and spread them around your vulnerable plants and vegetables. In theory slugs and snails will avoid crossing that line.


There has long been a myth that slugs love beer. Many gardeners will pour some into a tub  that they bury into the ground and wait for the slugs to fall into their trap. Is this a scientific fact? Well no, but many claim that this method will work much of the time.

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Post By Kimberley Rodderick