Why Is Composting So Important?

Wednesday, 15th of June 2022

If you are lucky enough to have garden space, then you may already be familiar with composting. Many years ago it was perhaps seen as something that only serious gardeners did, but nowadays even the green fingered novice can be seen with a composting bin somewhere

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Are Natural Cleaning Products Better?

Monday, 9th of May 2022

Cleaning our homes is an essential part of daily life and most of us will have a cupboard full of products for different rooms and various uses. 

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Simple Tips For Cleaning Your Pond

Tuesday, 19th of April 2022

The winter can be harsh on our garden ponds, so the spring is the perfect time to clean and refresh them, ready for fish and other wildlife to enjoy during the warmer months.

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How To Improve The Condition Of Your Garden

Tuesday, 22nd of March 2022

As we finally emerge from the cold, wet winter months, our hope is for a calm spring time with some settled weather. This gives us the perfect opportunity to start working on our gardens in preparation for planting bulbs and seeds, which sometimes need to

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5 Reasons To Choose Environmentally Friendly Cosmetics

Monday, 21st of February 2022

Traditional cosmetics contain a variety of ingredients that are unnatural, such as artificial perfumes, preservatives, silicones, synthetic polymers and mineral oils. You may not notice, but these ingredients are not always good for your health and are certainly

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Start The New Year With EM-X Gold

Monday, 10th of January 2022

We all want to start the new year with an improved look at our health and fitness. It can sometimes be hard to work our way into a new routine, but we certainly feel the benefits once we have given it a go.

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